What Is Sandpaper [ Definition and Uses]

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What is sandpaper? I think most folks know what sandpaper is. Its a fairly common tool that most of us have. But I wanted to learn more about it. So, I did some research and learned a lot about sandpaper that I didn’t know and made this blog post to share everything I learned about it with you!

What Is Sandpaper

Sandpaper is a strong an stiff paper with abrasive material on one side. Today’s sandpaper doesn’t have sand on anymore. Nowadays they use glass particles, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, garnet and some other kinds of grit.

What Is Sandpaper Used For

Sanding haha. Kidding aside, Some common uses are,

  1. Prepping wood to be painted. It gets rid of the roughness of the wood and makes it smooth.
  2. Removing grout stains from around your bathroom tiles. (works a ton better than chemicals, in my opinion)
  3. Removing rust from metal.
  4. Use rough or coarse sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes to help with traction as you walk. A great trick for old shoes.
  5. Sharpen scissors and sewing needles
  6. Take lids off of jars
  7. Polish the headlights on your car or truck

There are many more uses. Those are just some everyday type uses.

Sandpaper Types

Sandpaper comes in grit sizes. Depending on what you want it for, that will dictate what grit size you need. Grit ranges from 80 up to 1,000. The lower the grit the finer it is. The higher the grit the more coarse it is.

Some sandpaper is designed to be made wet before use, that way it keeps the dust to a minimum.

For a better idea on what you need,

  • paint prep- 180 to 220 grit
  • plastic- 220 grit
  • drywall mud- 100 or 120 grit
  • Remove rust- 400 grit




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