What Is A Spud Wrench- Definition, Uses & Best (With Video)

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Spud Wrench

what is a spud wrench
Spud Wrench

What is a spud wrench? I was wondering that myself. I’ve never heard of a spud wrench and when I first saw what one looks like, I thought it was some kind of self-defense weapon haha. So I did some research on spud wrenches and made this post about my findings. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is not sure what these wrenches are.

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What Is A Spud Wrench

A spud wrench is a durable and sturdy must-have tool.  It is essentially a long bar with a socket on the end to tighten or loosen bolts. The other end of the bar is basically a spike that is used to line up holes in metalwork.  These days spud wrenches are adjustable, much like a crescent wrench, with a dial that you twist to open or close the jaws.


Why Is It Called A Spud Wrench

This tool is called a spud wrench in association with potatoes!  I’m serious!  Back in the day, potato farmers used a knife or dagger to harvest their potatoes, much like the end of the spud wrench.

There are a few origins of this tool.  In the early 1900s, toilet plumbing had pipes called spuds.  Plumbers used these wrenches to snuggly fit the bolt to attach or remove it.

What Is A Spud Wrench Used For

Spud wrenches are used by all sorts of professions.  Construction workers use the spike end to line up holes on large metal beams.  Plumbers regularly use the spud wrench to attach or remove, you guessed it, the spud nut on toilets, or any other type of nut or bolt. They are also handy for installing water heaters and radiators.  These wrenches are essentially two tools in one!

Different Types Of Spud Wrenches

  • Adjustable spud wrench – Versatile wrench head with a dial to adjust the wrench teeth to fit many sizes of nuts and bolts
  • Ironworker spud wrench – Open-ended wrench that you will need an entire set of to use with the many different sizes of nuts and bolts
  • Dual ratchet spud – This wrench has a dual head for removing or tightening ratches


So as you can see the spud wrench is a pretty cool and versatile tool, and I think everyone should have one in their toolbox.  With its long spiked handle, you can get more torque in tight spaces.  You can align holes to put in bolts or even use the handle to jack up your car with your hydraulic lift!

The type of spud wrench to buy will depend upon the job your completing, but once you buy one it will last for years and years to come since they are made of sturdy steel alloy. You can find them on Amazon here, Best Spud Wrench

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