What Is A Dead Blow Hammer [ Detailed Explanation]

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I was helping my dad in his garage one night, not too long ago, and he was working on his truck and asked me to grab him the dead blow hammer. Not knowing 100% what exactly he meant I grabbed a ball peen hammer and handed it to him and needless to say, he wasn’t too impressed haha So I figured I do some research on what a dead blow hammer is and here is what I came up with.

What Is A Dead Blow Hammer

A dead blow hammer is basically a mallet that’s known for lessening the damage done from the impact of the swing. It’s also known for its precision and can be used in tight spots. The hammerheads are usually partially filled with either sand or steel shot, that helps lessen the “rebound” after each swing.

What Is A Dead Blow Hammer Used For

Most commonly you’ll find them in a mechanics garage. They use them for chassis work and for taking hubcaps on and off. Also used for knocking out small dent dents on your car or truck.

There also used in woodworking for tapping together or tapping apart of joints without damaging the wood.

It is also used in metalworking and I have read its used in orthopedic surgery.

Dead Blow Hammer vs Sledge

A dead blow hammer is meant for finessing a piece without causing any damage or making any indentations on the piece your working on.

A sledgehammer is an attention getter. They mean business. There used to get results. Normally used in destruction projects.

The sledge will cause damage as opposed to a dead blow hammer, they’re designed to not cause that much damage. It is all about the job at hand to decide which hammer to use.


Dead Blow Hammer vs Rubber Mallet

Both hammers are finess hammers. The biggest difference being the rebound of the hammer after an item is hit. The rubber mallet will have more of a bounce back compared to a dead blow hammer.

The dead blow hammer will have more force behind each swing because there is no give in the head, unlike a rubber mallet. The rubber mallet will require more force behind the swing to bend anything and will probably leave a black mark on the struck item. Because the head is made of rubber.



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