What Is A Dead Blow Hammer- Definition, Uses & Best

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Dead Blow Hammer

I was helping my dad in his garage one night, not too long ago, and he was working on his truck and asked me to grab him the dead blow hammer.

Not knowing 100% what exactly he meant I grabbed a ball peen hammer and handed it to him and needless to say, he wasn’t too impressed haha So I figured I do some research on what a dead blow hammer is and here is what I came up with.

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What Is A Dead Blow Hammer

This is a specialized mallet used for minimizing damage when striking a surface. The damage may occur from the impact of a swing. The hammer is very precise and is very helpful in tight spots. The shot or sand used in the head of a dead blow hammer helps lessen the rebound after a swing.

They are made of a rubberized plastic type of material. The mechanism behind it is to simply absorb the spring back force when you use it to whack something.

Unlike a regular hammer, this one doesn’t mar the surface. The hammer is very efficient in use since it reduces stress on the wrists and elbow when working; hence you can work with it for a long time without any strain.

What Is A Dead Blow Hammer Used For

Most dead blow hammers are made of polymer and very useful in applications that need minimum damage to the surface. They are used in objects that need more force than the ones used in a traditional mallet. Plus, they are used in dislodging stuck parts, popping small dents out of sheet metal and for driving still wooden joints together.

They are also ideal for striking objects that require a great amount of controlled force like sharp objects or chisel. They deliver an aggressive cut without damaging the object.

You will most likely find this hammer in mechanics shops or garages. They mostly use it to knock out small dents on a car or truck when doing body repair.

Other Uses

  • Auto Repair-for dislodging stuck parts, chassis work, and for installation and removal of a hubcap. Mechanics also need the controlled force of the hammer when doing engine repair or even transmission repair.
  • Woodworking– There used for tapping wood together or knocking apart without damaging the surface.
  • Metal Working- There used to seat the workpiece properly against parallels in the machine vise.
  • Orthopedic Surgery- used to perform various surgical procedures.

What Is Inside A Dead Blow Hammer

The head of the hammer is either solid or hollow. Hollow ones may be filled partially with steel shot, loose sand or a non-sparking material.

The purpose of the loose material is to stop any rebound during a strike. If it happens to break while on use, it can scatter loose filled particles all over.

Those with the solid head are made with a resilient plastic or rubber. The natural properties of the material enable it to absorb shock and rebound. There are various options often constructed of polyurethane and sometimes fiberglass or composite.

Dead Blow Hammer vs Sledge

A dead blow hammer is meant for finessing a piece without causing any damage or making any indentations on the piece your working on.

A sledgehammer is an attention getter. They mean business. There used to get results. Normally used in destruction projects.

The sledge will cause damage as opposed to a dead blow hammer, they’re designed to not cause that much damage. It is all about the job at hand to decide which hammer to use.

Dead Blow Hammer vs Rubber Mallet

Both hammers are finess hammers. The biggest difference being the rebound of the hammer after an item is hit. The rubber mallet will have more of a bounce back compared to a dead blow hammer.

The dead blow hammer will have more force behind each swing because there is no give in the head, unlike a rubber mallet. The rubber mallet will require more force behind the swing to bend anything and will probably leave a black mark on the struck item. Because the head is made of rubber.



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