Who Makes Supertech Oil [Review, Best Place To Buy] (With Video)

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Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Who makes Supertech oil? Well, if you look at the bottom of a bottle of Supertech oil you will see a WPP etched into the oil container. WPP stands for Warren Performance Products.

Supertech Oil

It can be purchased at Wal-Mart or online at eBay, here is a link to eBay for it, SuperTech Motor Oil

If you are the owner of a vehicle you probably already know just how important oil is. Without oil, your engine cannot run properly. Not only is the oil important, but also you need to make sure that you are putting in the right amount along with the right weight and specifications. Using the wrong weight, putting in too much oil, and not sticking with your vehicle’s specifications can also result in problems. If you aren’t adhering to the vehicle’s specific requirements, you might as well not even be putting in oil in the vehicle, but what about a brand? Oil is no doubt expensive and there are cheaper brands available like Supertech, but who makes it and how does it stand up against the competition?

Supertech Oil Quality

You are probably asking yourself why is this oil so cheap and how does its quality hold up? Well, the first thing that you need to know is that before any oil can legally be sold on the market it has to meet certain standards and requirements. These requirements are pretty strenuous. Any oil that meets the standards required by the government is going to provide the quality assurances that your vehicle needs. Another interesting fact about Supertech oil is that it is a licensed dexos 1 brand. This means that using the Supertech brand oil will not void your manufacturer’s warranty, in the event that your vehicle is still under warranty.

Super Tech Synthetic Oil VS Mobil 1

Mobile 1 is extremely popular oil and over the years it has become known for its quality and durability. This is probably why it has become the official motor oil of NASCAR. In fact, many professional mechanics swear by the brand and it’s the only thing they will put in their personal vehicles. So, how does Supertech stand up against the brand? Would you be surprised to learn that there is a good chance these two oils are made in the same place?

This fact cannot currently be confirmed, but they share a lot of the same qualities. Both of the oils are synthetic, both of the oils are approved by dexos, they are both recommended for gasoline engines, and both oils meet or exceed the standards that are required to be legally sold.

The only real major difference is that Supertech costs about half the price of Mobile 1. And, this is probably due to the advertising. Mobil 1 has the NASCAR logo on their bottle, which probably costs them a bit more.


Blackstone Laboratories is a lab that has performed many oil reviews over the years involving hundreds and thousands of vehicles. They have actually tested the used in vehicles to see which can hold up better. They recently decided to conduct and publish a report of their findings. At the end of the day, they discovered that all motor oils are interchangeable.

Cheaper brands of oil will not wear your engine out any quicker and hold up just as well. The important things are to make sure that you are changing the oil and filter every four to five thousand miles. And make sure you are using the right weight and specifications for your vehicle.

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