Circular Saw Dado Blade- Complete Set Review

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Circular Saw Dado Blade

As a woodworker, you probably already know that you have a number of tools available to you. However, it really is the dado blades that offer the most importance. The blades not only help you achieve a premier cut, but they make sure that the end product comes out flawless with ease.

Of course, not all dado blades are created equal and choosing a manufacturer won’t be the easiest thing the world. If you are looking for a dado blade that will provide a premium cut at an affordable price, you simply cannot beat the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade (link to Amazon).

Once you see everything that this blade set has to offer, you will have no choice but to agree.

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You Get An Entire Set

When you invest in the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade, you don’t just get one blade. When you buy this set you are making an investment that will prove useful for a variety of tasks.

This is a 16-piece set that includes cutting blades from ¼-inch to 29/32-inch. Whatever your cutting needs are, you won’t have a problem achieving them with this unique set.

Storage And Carrying Case

This set was really made for the woodworker on the go as well as the home woodworker. When you invest in this set, you get a handy carrying case that will protect the blades and keep them out of harm’s way when you are traveling.

You will also get an at home storage case that will allow you to neatly set up the blades in your woodworking shop. The storage case is uniquely divided and has all the sizes of the blades listed on the side so that you can easily and quickly locate the right size blade when you need it.

Precision Ground C-4 Micro Grain Tungsten Carbide

Woodworkers don’t have the fortunate ability to work with just softwoods or hardwoods. They have to work with and cut through a variety of different types of woods. This can sometimes be troubling because certain woods will cause your blades to dull faster.

And, this is one area where the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade really excels. Each blade in this set is constructed with precision ground c-4 micro tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is one of the toughest and most durable metals on the market and this is why the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade stays sharper for longer periods of time. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting through plywood or the toughest of hardwoods with the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade, you can rest assured that you will get the durability and longevity that you need.

Take Advantage Of The Full Body Chippers

If you are familiar with the wing style chippers, you probably know that these are pretty solid blades, but they really present two problems. First, they are harder to set up and second, they offer more vibrations when they are in use. That is why the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade is constructed with full body chippers.

This not only makes the setup easier, but it reduces the vibrations during operation as well. You will never have to worry about making a missed cut or getting a less than perfect cut when you are taking advantage of the Oshlun SDS Dado Blade.

Detailed Setup Instructions

You can be an expert woodworker, but there are still going to be times when you don’t know what adjustments to make. Finer cuts and more delicate cuts can be harder to judge and this is why this set of blades comes along with a detailed instruction booklet that will include setup instruction. The guide included with the set will help you get set up for any type of cut that you are looking to make.

3/32-Inch Chipper And Shim Set

Another thing that cannot be overlooked with this impressive set is that it comes along with a 3/32-inch chipper and shim set. This is extremely important when you are making delicate cuts.

This chipper and shim really allow for maximum adjustability. The blades will produce small score marks on the outer edges of the wood to help eliminate tear out and splintering.

Simply put, this extra little add-on is going to prevent sanding and make your overall project look more professional while being less time-consuming in the process. With the skipped step of sanding or tearing out splinters, you really are going to save yourself an abundance of time.

High Tooth Count

When you are investing in quality dado blades it is imperative to consider the tooth count. The tooth count is going to determine the overall smoothness and quality of the cut. With fewer teeth, it means that you are going to remove less material.

This is why the Oshlun SDS Dado Blades are equipped with 42 teeth. With this number of teeth, you are going to be able to make smoother cuts across the grain of the wood while removing a lot more material at the same time.


If your looking for the best circular saw dado blade set, this is the one. You can check it out on Amazon here, Oshlun SDS Dado Blade 

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