Best Metal Detector For Deep Coins 2019 [The Best By Far]

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The best metal detector for deep coins is the Fisher F22, you can buy it on Amazon here, Fisher F22.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector – Best Metal Detector For Deep Coins

Finding deep coins is extremely exciting, but without the proper equipment, it would more like impossible. With the Fisher F22 Metal Detector, you can find items from the past, such as old jewelry, coins, and even artifacts. If you want to improve your capabilities and ensure a find on any given day, you will need to invest in this unit. What is so important and special about the Fisher 22, you will find that and much more below in this in-depth review.

Resistant To Rain

Metal detectors are generally exposed to all types of weather conditions. And, if the metal detector cannot resist these conditions, it will be rendered after a few uses. Fortunately, the Fisher F22 is designed with a coating that resists moisture, rainwater and sunlight. This coating will also prevent the buildup of rust and corrosion for many years.

Deep Detection

The Fisher F22 is capable of detecting any type of metal that is buried up to nine inches deep. This extraordinary capability will ensure you do not miss an important artifact, piece of jewelry or coin that is not buried deeper than nine inches in the ground. Never again will you pass up an opportunity to find something made of metal again with this metal detector.


If you are looking for a very portable metal detector, you cannot go wrong with the Fisher F22. It weighs in at only 2.3 pounds, so you can tote it around anywhere without being burdened by extra weight. In addition to this, you will receive a shoulder strap with your purchase. So, if you want to keep your hands free while searching for hidden items, you will be able to do just that.

No Electrical Charging

To offer convenience, the Fisher F22 does not rely on electricity for charging. Just two AA batteries are required for operation. And, you should not need to replace those batteries more often than every 30 days, depending on your usage. Battery power means no electrical chargers and cables to tote around. Just be sure to pack extra AA batteries with your gear to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

Extended Warranty

Most metal detectors are lucky to be covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Fortunately, Fisher believes in its F22 Metal Detector. In fact, the company also believes in protecting its customers from unnecessary expenses, which is why they offer a five-year warranty with every purchase of its F22. So, if the F22 arrives damaged or malfunctions within five years of the initial purchase, you can return it to Fisher for free repairs or a full replacement.

Superior Readability

There is no doubt that you have utilized your metal detector in all weather conditions. And, it may be possible that you could not see the readings when it is cloudy or dark. Well, this will never be an issue with the Fisher F22, because it is designed with large target-ID numbers. You will be able to see these numbers in all weather conditions, even in the bright sunlight.

Great Pinpointer

Detecting metal objects that are buried deep is what metal detectors are supposed to do. However, most units fail in comparison to the Fisher F22. The pinpointing capabilities of the F22 are amazing. In fact, you will be able to detect the smallest pieces of metal buried up to nine inches in the ground.

No Unnecessary Digging

The F22 is designed to help users avoid unnecessary digging. The description of the item is provided, so you do not need to unearth it to determine your actual find. Once you learn how to identify the target numbers, you will become an expert at identifying your find without digging. Less digging equals less digging and more time searching.

 Less False Readings

F22 allows users to utilize a sensitivity setting that from one to 10 to reduce false readings. To achieve the best results and less false readings, you will need to practice utilizing the sensitivity settings. But, with the F22 you are guaranteed to have fun practicing and finding more valuables.


  • Sensitivity settings to decrease false readings
  • Lightweight designs (weighs only 2.3 pounds)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Battery powered
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Detects metal objects up to nine inches deep
  • Waterproof control head


  • Sensitivity settings take a bit to master
  • Does not always detect stainless steel

Overall Assessment

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector is ideal for beginner and veterans. The interface is super-easy to understand, so you can spend more time searching for treasures. The lightweight design and shoulder strap ensure superior portability. The sensitivity settings take a while to master, but after a few tries, you will be able to avoid most false readings. The mere fact that the metal detector is battery powered will ensure continuous operation as long as you have spare batteries. Search for treasures in the rain, snow and hot weather without concern of rust and corrosion. You can buy it on Amazon here, Fisher F22.

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