Best Drill For Mixing Mud 2019 [Best By Far]

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The best drill for mixing mud is the Brutus 21665Q (link will take you to Amazon)

Best Drill For Mixing Mud – Brutus 21665Q 120-Volt Mixer

Best Drill For Mixing Mud

Mixing thinset, grout, and mortar manually can be time-consuming, difficult and grueling. To help make this job easier, you will need to invest in the Brutus 21665Q Mixer.

This model is designed to offer full control, easy handling and superior mixing. In fact, it will thoroughly mix thin set grout and mortar to the desired consistency in minutes.

The Brutus 21665Q will definitely make all of your grout and mortar mixing tasks a breeze.

You can find it on Amazon here, Brutus 21665Q (link will take you to Amazon)

Powerful Onboard Motor

The Brutus 21665Q is equipped with a 1,300-watt powerful motor that is capable of producing up to 700 revolutions per minute (RPM). The motor is designed to endure extended mixing tasks every day of the week.

The mixer requires 120 volts of power to operate efficiently, which is available to a standard electrical receptacle.

Two Speed Options

You can adjust from a low to high speed with a push of a button. If your mixing project does not require a high volume of speed, you can utilize the low-speed mode and still get the job done in a timely manner.

Ergonomic Handle

Utilizing electric power tools can take its toll on the hands, arms, and wrists. To eliminate the impact on your upper body and offer full control, the Brutus 21665Q mixer is equipped with an ergonomically designed handle.

In addition to this, the handle is covered with a rubberized material to ensure full control, even when your hands are moist with perspiration or water.

Specially Designed Paddle

If you are familiar with mortar and concrete, you probably already know that some applications require different mixing techniques. Some concrete might need to be mixed longer, while others might have to be mixed for a shorter period of time.

Whatever the situation is, it really won’t matter when you invest in the Brutus 21665Q. This 120-volt mixer has a uniquely designed drill bit that has the abilities to mix a variety of materials with ease.

The paddle really makes the whole process faster and more effective, which is something that every concrete worker needs and wants.

Lightweight And Impact Resistant

Mixing concrete is without a doubt a tough job and it is by no means any easier with a machine. However, thanks to the lightweight design of the Brutus 21665Q the process does become a little bit easier.

In fact, the machine only weighs seventeen pounds, which is a lot let lighter than most models on the market. In addition to this, the model is also designed to be impact resistant.

Any tool is going to get a few bumps and dings on the job site, but at least you will never have to worry about destroying the machine is you accidentally drop it.


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic designed handle
  • Two speed options
  • 1,300-Watt motor
  • Operates on 120 volts of electricity


  • The motor does get hot, but this is common with electric-powered hand tools
  • The mixer is slightly bulky in size

Overall Assessment

When you consider all of the features and combine them with the fact that this drill operates on 120 volts of power, you are truly looking at one great mixing drill.

A 120-volts operation really comes in handy due to the fact that this is the most common type of electrical output in residential settings in North America. The drill ensures thorough mixing without breaking a sweat.

You can find it on Amazon here, Brutus 21665Q (link will take you to Amazon)


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